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ابليك 1 لمبه كوبرا قشر سمك مط × ذهب

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غير متوفر في المخزون

Kandil Egypt is a series of factories and exhibitions for the production and distribution of all decorative lighting applications began in 1976 and continued to grow and evolve, even became the first company to produce Chandeliers and other types of decorative lighting in Egypt and the Middle East region and North Africa. The company is targeting decorative lighting markets in Egypt, also exports its production to many countries in all over the world and its products vary between specialized for residential premises or public places such as mosques, hotels, government buildings. Kandil Egypt products enjoys the confidence of customers in all target markets inside and outside Egypt. We are committed to designing and providing unique solutions, high-quality requirements lighting decorative metal products that exceed customers’ expectations in the Middle East and North Africa region by ensuring the growth and continued development of our employees and our suppliers, with the increase in the return on capital and contribute to the development of society.  
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 coating layers for electroplating products
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