The difference between LED bulbs and regular bulbs

1. Shelf life:
-LED bulbs: They have a long lifespan of up to 20,000 hours.
Regular bulbs: have a much shorter lifespan, usually about 750 hours.

2. Energy consumption:
-LED bulbs: save a lot of energy; They consume less than regular bulbs.
– Regular bulbs: consume more energy.

3. Environment and health:
– LED bulbs: They do not contain mercury and are considered more environmentally friendly.
– Regular bulbs: They contain mercury and need to be disposed of carefully.

4. Instant lighting:
– LED bulbs: turn on immediately without any delay.
– Regular bulbs: It may take a few seconds to fully turn on.

5. Long-run cost:
– LED bulbs: They may cost more at first, but save money in the long run.
Regular bulbs: Cheaper to buy, but need to be replaced frequently.

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